Mike “No Name” Nelson’s Second Chance

Mike “No Name” Nelson’s Second Chance

Mike “No Name” Nelson has been a popular on-air fixture on Bay Area radio for 20 years and also an accomplished TV host. Hosting shows nationally for Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, HGTV, and locally with Beer Money on KPIX, and Creepy KOFY MovieTime and Carpool Showdown on KOFY TV. A veteran voiceover talent and actor, Nelson has been featured in the films Cars (2006) and Head in the Sand (2009).

He lives with his wife of 15 years and two young sons.  He is a motorcycle fanatic, DIY enthusiast, builder of homes and hot rods. Mike is also the drummer for the legendary San Jose band The Flames. He loves the outdoors, hiking, camping and is a survivalist. He volunteers at his sons’ school and is also a family man, breast cancer awareness advocate, and inked-up podcaster.

Find out more and listen to his shows at http://www.kfog.com/mikenelson/

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